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This package provides a free and extensible implementation of Joint Generation Algorithms.

We chose Common Lisp as the implementation language to facilitate easy experimentation with the ad-hoc decisions in the implementation, and to make implementation of your favourite monotone boolean function oracle easy.

The canonical project home page is here, the SVN repository, file releases and bug tracking are hosted on SourceForge.

Exported Symbol Index check-duality, function clause, class clause, type clause->bitlist/lsb, function clause->bitlist/msb, function clause->bitvec/lsb, function clause->bitvec/msb, function clause-clear-bit, function clause-ref, function clause-set-bit, function clutter, class clutter, type get-num-oracle-calls, function hypergraph-edge-oracle, class hypergraph-edge-oracle, type joint-generation, function make-jg-problem, function make-monotone-ieq-oracle, function make-permutation-oracle, function make-sperner-hypergraph-oracle, function make-t-frequent-set-oracle, function maximize-clause, function mbf-oracle, class mbf-oracle, type minimize-clause, function monotone-ieq-oracle, class monotone-ieq-oracle, type permutation-oracle, class permutation-oracle, type query-oracle, function t-frequent-set-oracle, class t-frequent-set-oracle, type